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We believe in helping the small businesses who are part of the local community around the world!

Empower Main Street, Not Silicon Valley.

At At Perklee.com, we recognize the immense challenges that brick and mortar businesses face due to the overwhelming presence of online giants. We firmly believe that if this trend persists, it could have dire consequences for local economies and communities worldwide. That’s why Perklee is on a bold mission to lead the charge for change! Our goal is to unite brick and mortar businesses from every corner of the globe, empowering them to stand up against big tech. Our innovative search engine not only offers instant availability but also delivers an online shopping experience that rivals the giants, ensuring that you, the business owner, receive the full benefits of every sale. With our state-of-the-art features and extensive network, we’re opening doors to unparalleled opportunities. Join us in building a community that not only competes with big tech but also gives back to local communities, fostering growth and sustainability for all. Together, we can reshape the future of business and protect the heart of our neighborhoods!

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Find brands and unique items from around the world with our community of brick & mortar businesses worldwide.  We truly are shop local everywhere!  Support your local communities across the world.

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When you purchase from Perklee Shop you are helping communities thrive!  We make sure that the business receives 100% of your purchase.  

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